Tips to Cold Water Pond Fish

Dec 1st

Cold water pond fish – When it comes to garden pond, you do not change your beautiful koi or goldfish on ice during cold weather. In order to keep your fish alive during the cold months, appropriate treatment is necessary. This means that everything from eating right to install the water of the pond liners. A very important part of taking care of the pool when the weather cooled change the type of fish food give your pet underwater. When the weather gets cold, it is difficult for fish to digest protein. When the thermometer dips below 10 degrees, he began to give them alternative low-protein foods. A good choice is wheat germ oil, which comes in pellets and is available at your local garden center or storage water.

Some Cold Water Pond Fish
Some Cold Water Pond Fish

Once the temperature drops below seven degrees, you stop eating fish altogether his pond. The metabolism slows down when they go to a country that is very quiet. Water park pool liners that you choose is important because it will have to withstand cold temperatures. Investment in high quality rubber pond liner, which is not susceptible to frost damage, and will remain compliant no matter how it gets cold. Trying to save a little money by going for cheap, poor quality of pond liners only causes problems when the temperature dips. Your cold water pond fish will inevitably contain a few fallen leaves and other organic material decomposes, and therefore it will produce toxic gases. They can get stuck in the pool where the surface is completely covered with ice for more than several days, and may be toxic to fish. You must have a small area free of ice, so that the gas can escape.

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Do not break the ice by destroying it, as electric wave can be dangerous for fish in cold water pond fish. Instead, you can melt the ice with hot water or use a floating pond ice. This device has a heating element which is programmed to light up when the water temperature drops below freezing. Another way to clean the aerator is the hole that will keep the water oxygenated and ensure that it is always the pits. Aerator should be placed halfway from the deepest point in the pond and checked every few days to make sure it still works. Of course, if you’re really worried about your fish feed on an unusually cold period, you can always take them under a roof and keep them in aquariums for several months. If you do, let your pool is nearly full face pressure on the pool liner from the frozen ground.