The Right Place for Your Pond Skimmer

Jan 14th

Pond Skimmer – Any outdoor pond of considerable size traps leaves and dirt. Filters on your pond pump is effective at removing dissolved material and algae from the water, but can be expensive spare parts and fill up quickly if you do not use a pond skimmer. A pond skimmer is designed to remove unsightly litter from the surface of your pond, but if not well hidden, can be an eyesore.

Pond Skimmer Box
Pond Skimmer Box

Placing a pond skimmer near some ornamental grass or lilies planted along the edge of your pond helps to hide the skimmer and maintain the natural look of your water garden. In addition, plants having leaves overhanging the water acts as a natural trap for debris. This limits the amount of time leaving spend revolves around your pond before being caught by the skimmer.

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Covers if your pond is not of the hard shell variety, you may consider adding a small bay that wraps around behind a bush or other pivotal piece that hides your pond skimmer. It has the added advantage that you can spend less time covering the top of the skimmer rocks or camouflage, and makes it easier to access for maintenance and repair. A small bay also serves as a natural trap for floating debris, because the water is stagnant in this section of your pond.

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