Pour T Molding in Concrete

Jan 16th

T molding – As a homeowner, you can over the years have to do some casting operations. Most of these are restorations of old concrete surfaces, but there are also a lot of other jobs for those who want to do it yourself. It is no secret that preliminary work is very important in connection with most craft and it also applies to the casting. Do you have the right conditions regarding documentation, forms, etc, it is actually not that difficult to cast in concrete.

Unique T Molding
Unique T Molding

Concrete T molding consists essentially of cement paste and so called aggregates. The aggregate containing sand, gravel and stone, while the paste is a mixture of cement, water and air. To the concrete will stiffen and get good strength and other properties it is important that you mix according to the directions that are on the bag. Remember to use clean water when mixing. If the water is in any way been contaminated, it can change the chemical process since when the concrete hardens.

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An old rule of thumb regarding the fresh concrete consistency is that the less water, the stronger the concrete. When T molding in small or narrow shape, it is important that the concrete “floating out” so that it can not form air pockets at the edges of the mold. When you select the quality of the concrete, you should take into account what is to be cast.

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