Pond Spillway Design

Jun 15th

Pond spillway – A house with a garden in it will be very fun, especially if the house is located in the busy city center and noisy. By having a small garden at home, can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. There are various ways you can do one of them is to create a fish pond in your small garden.

Pond Spillways and Weirs
Pond Spillways and Weirs

Most people think, to make a fish pond, required extensive garden big enough so that the pool would look nice. However, it is not true. Because the area of ​​the park that are not too big yet, you can make a pond spillway are gorgeous and make your garden cooler. You can create a pool with a simple design like a minimalist design that does not require a lot of places but still will make the pool look good.

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But before you make a pond spillway, the following we will give you some important tips in making a minimalist design fish pond outside the house. By determining the design of a fish pond, before making a pond spillway, you need to determine what kind of design would you apply that will create a form to your liking, so of course you will feel satisfied. There are many designs that can be emulated to build a fish pond in a minimalist home, but keep in mind also that before making a fish pond you should look at your house so that the shape also between houses and fish ponds will look harmonious.



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