Pond Netting with Dome Frame

Apr 5th

Pond netting – The most effective method to protect your fish from heron predation is to cover the pond with netting. However, pond netting is not visible and can distract from the aesthetic appearance of the pond. When the appearance of one of the issues, some pool owners will choose to use the pool netting after threat is found to the security and comfort of the pool.

Pond Netting With Reinforced Edging
Pond Netting With Reinforced Edging

One method is to use pond netting. Create hiding places for your fish. The fish are very reactive to herons and will instinctively try to hide when they acknowledge their presence. Make some floating plants, both natural and artificial; it would make an excellent hiding place. You can also try the tunnel-shaped nets that securely situated at the bottom of your pool, available at pool supply stores.

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There are things you can do to prevent the heron from visiting your pond. Stork is territorial creatures and is known to fish alone. That is why heron’s imitation, in the form of statues, is a fixture near many koi ponds after you put pond netting for your pond. However, herons are too smart to be fooled by the move “bird”, and usually return after the ruse was discovered. A better option is a motion-activated device that emits a sound when the water or approaches heron.



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