New Ideas of Infinite Stairs

Nov 6th

Infinite stairs – The Infinite stairs, which is the main motive of Penrose can be traced back for the famous thereof British psychologists journal published a building depicts the top endless stairs: the stairs seem as if it would rise, but it ends at the same level from which start.

Top Infinite Stairs
Top Infinite Stairs

To make things underlines the impossibility infinite stairs picture Piranesi has placed a ladder parallel to the wall, which goes behind the wall, and it is also impossible. The right shows schematically seen what is happening in the picture. From Piranesi works it is obvious that it is impossible shape already addressed in Western art, but really only Oscar markedly Reutersvärd works appeared in 1934. Even a high school student when he accidentally drew a paradoxical figure.

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And although math encyclopedias did not find any reference to this specific geometric shape and in subsequent years continued to map the logic of making contradictory figures. It toyed with the paradoxical combination consisting of cubes, created the infinite stairs and the devil’s fork, which is slightly different from the shape we know today. In 1958, she became aware that you drew as a boy, in fact, impossible objects. At this time it earned since learned from an article that independently of Lionel Penrose discovered the Infinite stairs.

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