How to Make a Duck Pond

Sep 20th

Duck pond – If you have any extra area on your property and want to attract wild waterfowl or create some ducks should consider building a pond. The construction of this pond type is not as difficult as you might imagine, especially due to the fact that they can be much shallower than fish tank. No need to dig your pond more than 80 cm deep, which will allow your end much earlier project.

Tips Duck Pond
Tips Duck Pond

Instructions for make a duck pond: 1) Determine the shape of your pond using a rope or garden hose. Put it on the floor and adjust it until you have the shape you want for your pond. 2) Check the form of an island in the middle of the pond with another piece of string. The ducks usually rest and protect themselves from predators in these locations. Make your island with about 1 m in diameter so that the ducks have adequate space. 3) Dig inside the marked edges with a shovel. Remove the rope or hose, so you can clearly see the outline of the pond and the island. 4) Dig the entire lagoon area to a depth of 80 cm. Ponds must be shallow for ducks, unlike fish tanks. Excavate and remove all the earth’s perimeter. 5) Cover the duck pond bottom with a layer of 5 cm of sand. This will prevent the pond dries quickly. 6) Slowly fill the tank with water. Add water will very quickly blur it, shaking the sediment from the bottom.

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