Ideas for Make Foam Molding

Sep 26th

Foam molding – Foam is a cheap material that can be used to make molds. It is used for concrete, plaster, sculpture and other forms. Hard foam, type of insulation used, is solid and keeps a figure well. Cutting can and cut into many different shapes for the object being formed. Moulds made of foam molding may be cut with a miter saw and a hot wire due to the shape inclined or angled. A hot wire is an electric wire that heats to melt foam which cuts through.

Wonderful Foam Molding
Wonderful Foam Molding

Make a foam molding, buy a hot wire cutting machine from craft or hardware store. Sketch shape and dimensions of the object you mold on a piece of foam. Follow the instructions in the manual for hot wire machine to tighten to the correct setting. Turns on machine and place on your face mask. Face mask is important because of the heavy smoke that is released during cutting.

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Cut out mold. Line up the pencil sketch with hot wire. Slide foam straight through line cutting a straight line. Moving foam line creates curves and angles. Scoop out the foam. If you create a form that requires pour a substance in the mold, you can scoop out the foam along form of foam to your desired depth. Place weights on foam to keep it down. Place the hot wire of the foam. Gently squeeze the hot wire foam and scoop out pieces as if you were using an ice cream scoop. Continue until all required foam molding is scooped. Smooth out rough areas with fine sandpaper.

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