How to Make Portable Stairs

Nov 9th

Portable stairs – Portables must be at least three meters off the ground, so it takes some effort to get up and down the jumping surface. Although it is possible for someone to jump on the trampoline and start bouncing, a set of steps or stairs making use of trampoline easier, safer and more enjoyable. You can create portable stairs over a weekend with some lumber and some hand tools.

The Portable Stairs
The Portable Stairs

Place the stringers 24 inches apart and screw two 2-by-four-inch by three-foot board to the rear of them in an X. This is the basic stair structure, which is filled with steps and risers, and supported by posts, support plates and handrails of portable stairs. Stay connected stringers upright. Attach two 2-by-four-inch by five-foot cross on each side of the top of the stringers. Attach two 2-by-four inch by three-foot posts on each side of the bottom of the stringers. Trappe frame will now stand upright.

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Screw the two-by-4-inch by 2-foot board across the five-foot cross. Place a bottom and a 3 meters from the bottom for extra support. Screw two 2-by-four inch by three-foot boards to the outside bottom of the stepped structure, and into the base of each three-foot and five-foot bar. This will provide support on the bottom. Cut two-by-6-inch tread the boards and 1-by-8-inch riser boards in 24-inch sections for each step. Screw them in place, attach the risers first and then the steps. Pattern boards will hang a little. Screw the last two two-by-4-inch by three-foot board into the three-foot and 5-foot upright posts parallel to the steps. These boards will serve as handrails of portable stairs.

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