Frog Pond in the Garden

Oct 31st

Frog pond – if you are lucky enough to have plenty of space in the garden of your home, a good idea to make it a pleasant and natural environment is to create a pond with frogs. On the one hand they will help keep insects at bay, and the other will result in a unique atmosphere with its night songs. Although you should make sure that the pond is not too close to not become a nuisance while you sleep.

Frog Pond Small
Frog Pond Small

The best thing to attract to your pond wild frogs, is that you make sure that they are native species. If shopping, you run the risk of introducing a new species in the ecosystem and create serious environmental problems. The natural ecosystem outside the species can, among other things, to displace or extinguish native species. So, it is much more responsible, while economic with frog pond, create a suitable habitat for local species of frogs, as the weather, wildlife and vegetation are on your side and do not need to make major adjustments.

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Here we leave a few tips so you can create a perfect habitat to attract frogs to your pond: Make sure that the edges of the pond have gentle slopes to make it easy to enter and exit. If you have one you can build a prefabricated ramp with stones or pots for plants. A frogs like the still and silent water, so it is not advisable to install waterfalls, filters or aerators. Fish are natural enemies of frogs or frog pond, especially dangerous for eggs and tadpoles. Natural plants are dark places where frogs can take refuge, and create a more natural environment and attract insects that feed the frogs. You should also place plants around the pond and leave a little longer to give more protection lawn. Some half-buried pot and dump can serve as an attractive wet cave.

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