Building Basement Stairs

Jan 3rd

Basement stairs are the essential part of your basement. You must have the strong and safe stairs as your access to your basement. Building the stairs as an access to basement needs extra careful planning since basements are dark and it has no standard dimensions construction. Checking the basement building guidelines in local building codes is necessary when you want to build the stairs.

Stairs To Basement
Stairs To Basement

Things to Be Considered Before Building Basement Stairs

First thing first, you need to measure the distance from basement floor to the floor above the basement to get the stair measurement. To know how many staircases you need, convert the stair length into inches, then divide it by seven. You will get the number of your staircases. You have to adjust the stairs to your basement condition. Every basement has its own construction issues, and you have to pay attention to them. You need to think whether the lumber will fit into the basement or not, whether you need to make your cuts outside or inside. You must make sure that the stair will be placed in the finished floor. Pay attention to the floor joist from the floor above so that your head will not hit the floor above the basement.

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The Steps of Basement Stairs Installation

There are five ways of the installation. After you have measured the stairs, now you have to mark the wood. Then, cut the marked wood using sharp handsaw. Then you can attach the stairs. You have to attach the rails also. A robust rail is very important for the stair’s safety. They prevents accident, moreover most of the basements are dark. The rails must follow the angle of the stair. For completing the process, install the handrail. To maintain the appropriate angle, install it at the same distance from the last rail. Fasten all parts of stairs with screws. By accomplishing these steps, you can have the safe sturdy stair.