Best Way to Control Pond Scum

Nov 20th

The only thing in common with frustration to see Pond Scum isthe way to control it. You need to have the ability to identify types of scum in the pool and then to reduce the food available to them goes a long way in preventing the growth of scum pond.

Pond Scum Summary
Pond Scum Summary

There are a large range of options available to control scum on your pond. Herbs / pesticide algae such as copper sulfate is commonly used solution for pond scum, because of its ability to kill algae quickly. However, the rapid killing off of algae actually works against the health of the pond. Kill scum is likely to lead to a reduction of oxygen available to other aquatic life, improve nutrition derived from died scum that will lead to a new cycle of algae.

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And effective long-term methods to control pond scum is the use of a bacteria pool, which uses a special beneficial bacteria to consume food teams that come from fish waste and other organic materials. This will limit the amount available for algae. Bacteria is natural and safe for fish, pets, plants and people’s pools, making it a popular alternative to more harmful chemicals copper on a long-term basis