Best Casing Molding Style

Apr 15th

Best Casing Molding Style – Casing molding is ornate trim surrounding the doors and windows.. These ornate pieces have been around since work began to build and was originally made of stone. Today trim work can range from simple to elaborate, carved from hand cut, and from the wood are made of synthetic material.

Wood Casing Molding
Wood Casing Molding

Casing molding in the recent past made exclusively of wood such as pine, hemlock and even mahogany and is still very popular today. The wood is sanded or cut to create the piece. The piece is made by sending an uncut length of wood over or through a set of knives that shapes the piece or cut according to the desired design. Polyurethane casing molding takes place in a form and is usually very elaborate. It saves time and costs in production, because the pieces do not have to be carved. The polyurethane is very structurally sound and is water and rot.

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Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is made so that there are little air pockets or cells within the casing molding. The piece is made similar to PVC water pipes in the soft PVC is pushed or extruded through a nozzle to create the kind of design they want. It is very structurally sound and water and rot. MDF stands for medium density fiber. That is, through a chemical process, wood and wood products are divided into a lot of similar paper. This pulp mixture into different types of casing and molding, it is not very structurally sound and will not stand moisture well.